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Featured Article: Research Advances Music Therapy

By Kimberly Woodman, Resounding Joy volunteer

In 1964, early music therapists’ dedication to research and the dissemination of knowledge manifested as the first American scholarly Journal of Music Therapy. Through this professional publication, music therapists from across the country and throughout the world continue to contribute to the body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of music therapy practice, continually affirming the serious nature of this work.

As we review some of 2016’s publications, two studies in particular stand out to us. First, an important meta-analysis of 97 studies about the use of music as an intervention for pain management was published in the Journal of Music Therapy. This study positively emphasized the addition of music as a complementary approach in the treatment of pain. This type of research helps our therapists in forming treatment plans that are maximized to help our clients in addressing their needs in this area.

Second, within a special focus issue of Music Therapy Perspectives aimed at exploring multiculturalism within the practice of music therapy, Claire Ghetti writes an informative piece about community music therapy as it has evolved throughout many different nations of the world. It is a core aim of our work through Resounding Joy, as Ghetti so aptly expresses in her article, to “[offer] practices that can enable health-promoting relationships through musicking.”

Here at Resounding Joy we embrace the strength and possibilities of community music therapy, incorporating the results of the research related to the communities that we aim to serve. We wholeheartedly accept Ghetti’s invitation to “remain alert and responsive, ready to question the possibilities of what music therapy can bring to our communities and to our world,” and invite you to join us in 2017!

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