by Mychelle Mowry

The sun was just rising over the hills as Barbara pulled into my driveway.  A road trip! It took us a little over 4 hours to get to our destination but wow was it worth it!  Remo is the “drummers” drumhead company.  Remo Belli passed away last year, but not before becoming an icon in the drumming world and literally making outdoor concerts/rock and roll possible as we know it today.  To be brief, he took a chemical (Mylar) used during World War II and, after much trial and error, created and patented the material and process for making drum heads that are now used throughout the world. Today, many great drummers demand that Remo make their drumheads.

What a joy it was for Barbara and me to get a VIP tour of the Remo facility in Valencia, CA. Remo’s president, Brock Kaericher, took us through the plant and told us everything we needed to know regarding Remo drumheads. We also realized that the company is being managed by a real “hands on” CEO who knew everyone by name and every process required to make the product.  Remo was relentless in his pursuit of excellence. He was an innovator, a leader, an entrepreneur, an educator, and a music therapy advocate. Resounding Joy has benefited from his love of music and we greatly appreciate that Remo has continued to bless us with their support.


Resounding Joy is proud to partner with Remo as a vendor.  Every year, Resounding Joy also hosts “HealthRhythms”, a Remo training for music therapists and other care professionals.


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