We ask all Shine & Sing participants to join our private Facebook group.  Group members will be screened before approval by Resounding Joy music therapists.  Sessions will remain on the Zoom platform, but link and password information will be only distributed in the private group.

All sessions will remain free.


To our incredible families and community,

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and wellbeing of the families with whom we work. We are sorry to inform our community that during our Shine and Sing-Along virtual music therapy group this morning, two unknown people shared pornographic images and audio to all of our Zoom participants. We always have multiple staff in Zoom meetings to help manage participants and answer questions. Our staff immediately took every effort to remove the offenders and to block the audio and video images. Unfortunately, we had to abruptly end the session to keep our participants safe.

Resounding Joy has filed a report with the San Diego, CA police department as well as the FBI. Multiple staff members and witnesses who were part of the Zoom meeting have also filed reports with the FBI about this incident. We will be canceling our large Shine & Sing-Along group for medically fragile children and their families for tomorrow, Friday, April 3rd. This will give us an opportunity to explore further security and safety options for our virtual music therapy groups and individual sessions. We plan on having the Shine & Sing-Along group return to its normal schedule starting on Monday, April 6th.

We are extremely sorry that these individuals accessed our platform. We will be doing all in our power to secure our sessions and look forward to happier days ahead.  

If there is anything we can do to support your family, we are here for you. We want you to know that we are grateful for each and every one of the children, family members, teachers, and community members that have been part of our incredible Shine & Sing-Along virtual program. We are doing everything that we can to ensure that this group is back up and ready to sing and dance in a secure and safe environment.

If you have questions about our plan of action, were on the call and would like to file a report with the FBI, or would like to share additional comments or concerns with us, please reach out via email at lzehren@resoundingjoyinc.org, or by phone at 858-888-0899. We are here to listen and support in any way we can.


Lindsay Zehren, MT-BC, Director of Programs
Mychelle Mowry, DNP, Board of Directors President
Resounding Joy Staff
Resounding Joy Board of Directors