By Haley Asturias

Resounding Joy is thankful for the amount of support received from volunteer work and two types of interships:

  • administrative internships for high school students
  • marketing and development internships for college students

The most rewarding aspect of internship is seeing how the students grow from their work experiences. In 2014, Resounding Joy had the pleasure of hosting an administrative intern named Clay, then a student of High Tech High. During his internship, Clay helped to create a playlist library and to facilitate music therapy sessions. Upon completion of his term, he submitted the following words of appreciation to the staff.

[quote]You have all made my experience in music therapy better than I ever could have asked for. This has really affected me in many, many ways. You guys have changed my life and opened new doors for me, and, for that, I am very thankful. I feel blessed to call you my mentors and friends.[/quote]


2018 Update:

Wow, it has been two years since my marketing internship with Resounding Joy! I have since graduated from the University of California San Diego and am currently working as a social media and marketing coordinator in the hospitality industry. Shortly after starting my first position out of college, I realized how Resounding Joy helped prepare me for a rewarding career in marketing and public relations.

Resounding Joy gave me the structure and tools needed to excel in a professional role. In my current position I was assigned to write a press release that was picked up by NBC 7 and the New York Times California Today section. I was well prepared for this task because I had already learned how to write a press release at Resounding Joy for their Drums Alive Program.

In my current role I am able to photograph special events, including a San Diego Tourism Authority event. During this gathering I was able to reference my time as lead photographer for Resounding Joy. I photographed numerous galas, charity events and even music therapy sessions. These experiences were vital at improving my professional photography skills.

Even though it has been two years since my time with Resounding Joy, I am still benefiting from the knowledge and experiences gained through my internship. Through the program, I was able to polish my writing, photography and other professional skills. I am excited to see where my career takes me, but I’ll always remember where it started.