Photo of Haley Asturias, Resounding Joy 2015 marketing and development intern

Haley Asturias, 2015 Marketing and Development Intern

By Haley Asturias

Interning at Resounding Joy is not your typical nine-to-five work experience. In fact, I never even was asked once to get coffee or make copies. Instead, I gained hands­-on experience in a uniquely colorful work environment.

The first thing you will notice when entering the Resounding Joy office are the vibrant musical instruments that fill the space. A variety of drums and guitars line the walls with character and joy. You instantly feel relaxed by the warm aroma of candles, and, if you are lucky, you will even hear the melodies of a music therapist singing or playing an instrument.

One of the many perks of interning with Resounding Joy is that, at any time, you may be treated to a live jam session by the talented music therapists. Many times I found myself typing away, doing work, while at the same time, tapping my foot along to the rhythms of a jam session occurring in the office. It was experiences like these that kept me smiling throughout the day.

A djembe and a gamelan bamboo xylophone decorate the Resounding Joy walls.

Resounding Joy was my first opportunity at an internship, so naturally, I was very nervous to begin. However, my nerves were quickly put at ease when I realized how warm and welcoming the entire staff is. They were open to new ideas and were very appreciative of the work I contributed. I can only hope that my career endeavors lead me to a workplace that is as positive and accepting as Resounding Joy was.

[quote]While at Resounding Joy, I gained valuable hands­-on experience that I will be able to carry with me. I had creative freedom to make videos, flyers, and other advertisement materials, while learning how to market a non­profit on social media sites. I gained knowledge about the nonprofit industry through research tasks and projects, and all of my learning objectives were met.[/quote]

One of my favorite experiences was working at the annual gala. I was able to experience a drum circle for the first time. During the fundraiser, more than 100 participants were given musical instruments such as rattles, drums, and shakers. A music therapist started with a beat and everyone followed along with their instruments. I was tapping a clipboard with a drum stick to stay on rhythm. Quickly, I noticed how everyone playing an instrument lit up and smiled at one another as they played along to the beat. It was a moment full of joy and happiness. I can still hear the exact rhythm in my head that we all played along to. It was an extremely powerful moment that I will never forget.

Music therapy interns Cole Eisenmenger and Lindsay Zehren | music therapist Aida Sanchez | marketing and development intern Haley Asturias at the Resounding Joy 2015 gala.

Now that I am wrapping up my internship, I can say that I have endless respect for what Resounding Joy does. I have personally seen the compassion and hard work of the staff and music therapists as they stay true to their mission of spreading joy through music therapy. It is an amazing organization that I was lucky to be a part of.