Joyful Jingle

15 Minutes of Music Therapy

A Joyful Jingle is an affordable mini music therapy session that targets enhanced brain and social health, helping clients connect with their joy.

Inspired by the known brain benefits of prescriptive music listening and singing, the phenomenal service is especially valuable for loved ones with dementia who are not only going through the normal changes of aging bodies and minds, but may also experience a loss of connection to the memories they’ve built throughout a lifetime. The team of Board-Certified music therapists at Resounding Joy have teamed up to develop accessible resources to facilitate memory, support caregivers, and create special moments of connection.

Help reduce feelings of isolation & loneliness

Seniors today are becoming more & more isolated, resulting in more rapid health decline. This is especially true for people with dementia & Alzheimer’s. Joyful Jingle music therapy sessions are offered by phone or Zoom and involve the client for a powerful 15 minutes of direct service, which does not include session planning and communication with the family.

15 Minutes of Meaning


For older adults with dementia, our team has discovered that 15 minutes seems to be an ideal ‘sweet spot’ for phone or videoconferencing.  A vast number of journal articles identify music therapy’s positive effect on cognitive health, depression, mood, communication, and even pain perception.  Music therapy improves attention, motor function, behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.  It also reduces cortisol and stimulates release of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters in the brain.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Resounding Joy team recognized the high isolation that many older adults faced, compounded by all of the other stressors that COVID caused.  As a result, music therapist Cassandra Richtsmeier conducted a pilot project with several older adults, which was incredibly successful and indicated that this program could be expanded nationally, and in a variety of settings even after COVID-19 restrictions faded.

Reflections Collection

Are you the caregiver of an older adult with dementia? We created the Reflections Collection book and journal to support you and your family. Learn to use music and visual cues to help your loved one connect with special memories!

One of our resources are our fantastic team of musically inclined volunteers, who can offer social, supportive visits using the Reflections Collection.  While not all families may be an appropriate fit for a Joy Giver, we encourage you to contact us to learn more.

REALAX Caregiver Support

Most of us can relate to how stressful it is when a dear loved one becomes sick. Yet family members take on this mantle of caregiving every day for aging relatives, and do so lovingly, and enthusiastically. But it does come with a price, at least it can if we don’t take care of ourselves. When we have the daily responsibilities of parenting, along with caregiving, something that can be one of the most rewarding roles we will ever play in life, can turn into a health hazard. That’s why it is vital to maintain our own health as we step into this honored role of supporting a loved one through the end of this life.

REALAX was developed with caregivers in mind. There are very real challenges for a caregiver: exhaustion, grief, sadness, negativity, etc. REALAX requires no challenging activities. It is designed to help you:

  • quickly rid your mind of pervasive sadness
  • prime your body and mind for relaxation and sleep
  • maintain perspective while observing the sometimes heartbreaking results of disease
  • discover hidden gems and moments of joy
  • reenergize for another day

Perhaps best of all, is knowing that there is a team of music therapists behind this product who can help you use music as a tool for working through difficult times when there are no words for talk therapy. Music, applied therapeutically, can sweep in, touch your heart, and immediately begin your healing process.



  • Deep Nasal Breathing & Gentle Stretching

  • Inspiration & Gratitude

  • Mindfulness

  • Seasons of Life


  • Each card includes deeper insights you can reflect on in times when you are not exhausted, or when you cannot view the videos and would benefit from a reminder.


  • These beautiful, graphic files with inspiring messages are sized for social media sharing. They are thoughtfully designed to allow you to continue to encourage others with your special insights, while your time is necessarily consumed with an important caregiving role.