Sound Minds

Music Therapy to Facilitate Preschool Development

Photo of a group of toddlers playing percussion instruments in the Resounding Joy Sounds Minds program on-site at a San Diego Cal-SAFE high school infant center.

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Sound Minds for Teen Families

The Resounding Joy Sound Minds teen family outreach uses music therapy techniques to achieve two goals: to strengthen bonds between teen parents and their children and to encourage preschool development. Music therapy sessions take place in California School Age Families Education (Cal-SAFE) high school infant centers and Head Start programs. All enrolled children are three years of age or younger.

Services vary by semester, depending upon need and available funding, but teen parents and their children have benefited from the Sound Minds program within all the following San Diego County school jurisdictions:

  • Escondido Union High School District
  • Vista Unified School District
  • San Diego Unified School District

Research shows that the first five years of a child’s life are critical to his or her future academic and social success. Since children of teenage parents are at statistical risk for developmental and behavioral delays, Sound Minds music therapists introduce interactive group songs and musical interventions to provide positive nurturing experiences that help teenagers to become engaged parents who are more likely to advocate for their children’s academic success. Research has proven music therapy to be effective in maintaining a child’s interest and attention while addressing several goals at once, including improvement of balance, motor skills, pre-reading and pre-writing skills, minimizing socially inappropriate behavior, and maximizing socially appropriate behavior. What teen parents learn in music therapy sessions, they can and do use with their children at home.

Sound Minds teen family music therapy is provided free of charge to teen parents and their children. This program relies entirely upon the success of Resounding Joy community fundraising and philanthropic grants.

Sound Minds at Play

Musical fun for children ages 1-3!

Sound Minds music therapists also visit family homes and neighborhood studios to introduce music to groups of up to ten toddlers. The small-group approach assures every member an opportunity to participate, explore, learn, and develop through interactive experiences.

Service Sound Minds at Play
Ages 1-3 years
Limit minimum 5; maximum 10 children
Abilities all levels
Location any
Leaders board-certified music therapists
Benefits • generates ideas for music-making between sessions
• improves attention and pre-academic skills
• introduces music in a positive manner
• promotes early childhood development
• provides fun within a social peer-group setting
Rate $99 per child
Classes one 45-minute session per week
Duration six
Mileage additional for locations exceeding 20 miles’ driving distance
Contact Lindsay Zehren, Director of Special Projects
Phone (858) 457–2200