The Resounding Joy Semper Sound program provides music therapy to military service
members and veterans diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), TBI (traumatic
brain injury), substance abuse and other stress- and trauma-related physical and psychological

Music therapy provides experiences that focus on improving cognition, decreasing
stress/anxiety and pain management while providing a positive social setting for interaction and
self-expression. Sessions consist of active music making with live instruments, relaxation/stress
management through music, lyric analysis and songwriting.
Currently, Resounding Joy is providing once a week group and individual music therapy
sessions as a part of the Wounded Warrior Battalion –West at Camp Pendleton. Grants,
individual and corporate donations will help expand programs to other agencies such as the
Naval Medical Center San Diego, VA Aspire and many more!

Numerous service members have reported that music therapy helps them feel relaxed because
it provides an outlet for expression while learning a new skill set that helps pass the time. Many
members who had no prior experience with music are now playing and writing their own music
as they continue on with their lives. One of our clients, Jess, stated that, “Music therapy is the
place I come to so I can clear my head. I feel like I can really focus and feel relief as I get lost in
the music.”

For more information about Resounding Joy’s Semper Sound program, visit, Semper Sound, or email Cory Woodrow at:

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