Our Values

Passion, Integrity, Transparency


Resounding Joy uses therapeutic and recreational music programs to improve the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of individuals and communities.

Core Values

Passion is the heart of all our values.

  • Compassion
  • Connection
  • Education, experience, and expertise
  • Growth
  • Integrity
  • Joy
  • Stewardship


The Resounding Joy vision is to expand international awareness and to increase access to the power of music for recreational and therapeutic purposes.

About Our Organization

Resounding Joy New logoResounding Joy Inc., is a public-benefit California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, incorporated in August 2005 by Barbara Reuer, PhD, the current executive director. Since its inception, Resounding Joy has provided music therapy and recreational music services to more than 85,000 children and adults in the greater San Diego region. Resounding Joy board-certified staff music therapists and volunteers deliver services through four major programs that target four distinct underserved populations:

Resounding Joy is a
GuideStar Exchange
Platinum Participant.


Resounding Joy proudly invites the public to view its Gold Participant profile at GuideStar, a 501(c)(3) public charity that serves as a search engine for nonprofit information. GuideStar collects, organizes, and presents information about IRS-registered nonprofit organizations in a neutral, easy-to-understand format at no cost to users. Collected information includes finances, governance, impact, legitimacy, mission, programs, reputation, and transparency. GuideStar offers participating nonprofit organizations three membership levels: bronze, silver, and gold. Resounding Joy qualifies to participate at the gold level, requiring submission of the most documentation and details.

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The Patriots Initiative

Resounding Joy is
accredited by
The Patriots Initiative.

The objective of The Patriots Initiative is to identify and support only the most qualified nonprofits who improve the quality of life for active duty and veteran military families. The Patriots Initiative carefully researches and rigorously evaluates nonprofits providing services to the military community and publishes a directory, based on these quantitative and qualitative evaluations. The directory is a comprehensive listing of trustworthy and accountable nonprofits doing the best work supporting military service members and their families and a valuable resource for donors seeking the finest nonprofit service providers.

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Financial Transparency

Resounding Joy is committed to transparency and accountability, therefore, we make an effort to ensure that all of our public financial information is easily accessible. While the Resounding Joy annual budget has not required third-party audits as of yet, our goal is to produce fully audited financial statements for the 2016 fiscal year. Below are links to copies of all our past tax returns.

IRS Form 990 Tax Year 2017»
IRS Form 990 Tax Year 2016»
IRS Form 990 Tax Year 2015»
IRS Form 990 Tax Year 2014»
IRS Form 990 Tax Year 2013»
IRS Form 990 Tax Year 2012»
IRS Form 990 Tax Year 2011»
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IRS Form 990 Tax Year 2006»
IRS Form 990 Tax Year 2005»

Resounding Joy Annual Report 2017»
Semper Sound Program Annual Report Year 2016»
Resounding Joy Corporate Annual Report Year 2015»
Semper Sound Program Annual Report Year 2014»

Confidentiality and Privacy

The privacy of Resounding Joy clients and donors is a key principal in our business and medical practices. We abide by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements and have a board-approved privacy policy.

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