Learning that a parent or other loved one has Dementia can be devastating news for the whole family. But, understanding how the disease progresses can provide greater awareness of the tremendous opportunities to build close connections and special memories that still remain. Though each person experiences the disease uniquely, people with Dementia live in the moment. They can lose connection to much of their past, but many can still be very aware and engaged in the moment they’re in.

For some, losing the connection to the past includes traumatic memories that have troubled them in life. This provides an opportunity to experience joy that just may not have been accessible to them before. So it’s important to remember that while Dementia is a serious condition, ending life this way can mean the world is new every morning. Each day is a new opportunity to create special moments that will enrich their lives and yours.

Emotionally meaningful music can connect us with special memories. You’ve heard that song that takes you right back to your first kiss, or another special memory. Music Therapists are trained to target music that can help facilitate not just memory of special events, but also memories that relate to life skills like motor skills, or speech.