By Terry Josiah Sharpe, CEO of Music Life Change

A couple of weeks ago, on Saturday, October 22nd, I was lucky enough to join in on the Open House of the new Music Wellness Center, a free event hosted by Resounding Joy and MusicWorx. The celebration was incredible.

Mikayla Beaulieu, MT-BC

Mikayla Beaulieu, MT-BC

Mikayla Beaulieu, one of Resounding Joy and MusicWorx’s Board-Certified music therapists, entertained the crowd with song. She involved the attendees by inviting us to play available musical instruments and encouraging us to join in on the music-making.


Resounding Joy values its partnership with the County of San Diego and looks forward to working with the community to achieve the mission of Live Well San Diego.



County Board Supervisor Dave Roberts joined us to make proclamations for both Resounding Joy & Music Worx, recognizing both as new Live Well San Diego partners. Joining him to make the proclamation was Marc Sellers, the Assistant Director of Aging and Independence Services. Supervisor Roberts declared October 22nd, 2016, to be known throughout the County of San Diego officially as Resounding Joy and MusicWorx Day! He truly believes in standing behind causes that unite members of the community and firmly believes that there is nothing we can’t accomplish if we work together.

The Live Well San Diego initiative brings together organizations to help the County achieve its vision of a region that is “Building Better Health, Living Safely and Thriving”. Learn more about it and how you can participate here:


Dr. Barbara Reuer

He presented the proclamation to CEO and Founder of Resounding Joy & Music Worx, Dr. Barbara Reuer. Dr. Reuer is an internationally-recognized expert in music-for-wellness and music therapy. She accepted the proclamation with delight, and expressed how music therapy can actually assist in the development of those who use it.

“I got caught on camera dazing off thinking of some rhythms for the cajon.“

“I got caught on camera dazing off thinking of some rhythms for the cajon.“

The event continued with more live music and networking for people of all backgrounds and professions. To me, music is the catalyst for unity and I have to thank Resounding Joy for uniting us all at their Open House.

It is always important to get out into the community and network with positive-thinking people. It’s a great way to find the motivation to move forward with your own goals, while also networking with individuals from all walks of life. You never know where inspiration will come from, but if you surround yourself with positive energy you can be sure it will come from a good place.

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