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Resounding Joy enhances the human experience with therapeutic applications of music. We uplift individuals and families in complex conditions, help them achieve their goals, and support the health and wellness of the community.

Our music therapists are highly trained professionals who, after graduating with an approved degree in music therapy, complete 1,200 hours of internship and a complex national certification board test. Music therapist education encompasses biology, psychology, and neurology, as well as training in voice, guitar, piano, percussion, and often other instruments to accommodate various scientifically proven interventions.

We offer powerful and affordable music therapy services through four main programs – Sounds of Legacy, Sounds of Healing, Sounds of Service, and Sounds of Community. Each session begins with an assessment, and then the therapist works with the client to determine which goals to focus on during treatment.

Kids sitting on a parachute while a music therapist plays guitar

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Let’s Make Some Music

For Health and Happiness.

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Sounds of Legacy

Recreational Music and Music Therapy to Empower Seniors

The Resounding Joy Sounds of Legacy program brings the familiarity of favorite songs to seniors enrolled in adult day care programs, assisted living facilities, memory-care facilities, individuals, families, and throughout the community. Our goals are to improve mood and quality of life, provide opportunities for socialization, promote memory and reminiscence, and to empower individuals to tell their story and leave their legacy through songwriting and music making.

Child smiling while a music therapist plays the guitar

Sounds of Healing

Music Therapy For Children with a Medical or Mental Health Diagnosis and Their Families

The Sounds of Healing program uses music therapy to improve the cognitive, physical, psychological and social well-being of children facing severe, complex, or chronic healthcare issues in a variety of settings. Our goal is to create positive experiences that contribute to the overall quality of life and progression of health for children receiving medical care as well as their families. This program is a realized dream of the Ariana Miller family.

Sounds of Service

Supporting those Who Serve Our Country and Our Community

The Sounds of Service program uses music therapy and recreational music to address stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and physical injury. Our goal is to empower individuals to use the music they already listen to and love to intentionally improve overall wellness. Through Music Resiliency Training, music therapists work with individuals and groups to better understand how the body responds to stress and how to harness the stress response through music.

A young boy playing a drum while a woman smiles in the background

Sounds of Community

Creating Community, One Musical Moment at a Time

Sounds of Community provides music programs that promote health and happiness, to any part of the community, including, but not limited to:

  • Joy Giver volunteer training and experiences;
  • Opportunities that educate and advocate for music therapy;
  • Community events and celebrations;
  • Staff wellness, communication, and collaboration workshops;
  • Accessible and musical parties;
  • Music lessons;
  • Drum circles and sound healing experiences;
  • and many more!
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Our Mission

Resounding Joy enhances the human experience with therapeutic applications of music.

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The Resounding Joy Indiana office is conveniently located in downtown Noblesville, just minutes from 32, 69, and 37. We encourage you to call or email to make an appointment.

1106 S. 8th St. Noblesville, IN 46060

 (317) 207-0423

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