Resounding Joy Inc.
11300 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 106
San Diego, California 92121 1329
Phone  (858) 457–2200
Fax       (858) 457–2201
Donations | corporate, matched gifts,
musical instruments, planned gifts, stock
Jessica Blaisus, Director of Development
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Healing Notes | music therapy to support
children in medical care
Rachel Gant, Healing Notes Therapist
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Mindful Music | recreational music
to empower seniors
Mikayla Beaulieu, Mindful Music Coordinator
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Semper Sound | music therapy to assist
military rehabilitation
Megan Wong, Director of Semper Sound
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Sound Minds | music therapy to facilitate
preschool development
Noelle Pederson, Director of Education and Training
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Volunteers | Joy Givers, Junior Joy Givers Volunteer Coordinator
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Volunteers | Joy Makers Jessica Blaisus, Director of Development
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