Making Music & Sharing Music

The Sounds of Service Band is a San-Diego based group of musicians made up of service members, veterans, members of the military-connected community, volunteers, and music therapists.  We develop original music and practice covers of some of our favorite songs.  The Band is great for musicians who want to take their music to the next level.

Seeking live music at your next event? Book the Band – performances are perfect addition to a Southern California event.

Man singing and playing guitar in front of a microphone


Tia Mae Frostrom

Tia Mae received her Bachelor of Arts in music therapy from Montclair State University in New Jersey. In her undergraduate, Tia Mae facilitated group and individual music therapy sessions in memory care facilities and with the Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy NYU for children and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders and disabilities. During internship with MusicWorx & Resounding Joy, Tia Mae worked in a variety of settings & gained experience working with adults in medical, behavioral health, substance abuse, mental health, and community settings. Now, as Director of the Sounds of Service program, Tia Mae facilitates individual and group therapy sessions for active duty military, veterans, and military families at our Music Wellness Center, VA San Diego Healthcare System, VA Aspire Center, and Chula Vista Veterans Center.

Joel Hamlett

Joel was an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force and served 8 years. He first heard about Resounding Joy a couple of years ago through the VA and went to an event that he really enjoyed. “Shortly after that I started taking guitar lessons with Cory and began to realize how much I love playing the guitar.” Joel has also more recently been learning to play the ukulele. “One of my favorite things about Resounding Joy is definitely the songwriting group. I started writing songs on the guitar earlier this year and it has been an extremely therapeutic experience for me so far.”


Will Weatherspoon

Will served in the US AIr Force for 4 years. He served in Vietnam as a medical service specialist. He continued on to become a registered Respiratory Therapist. He is an entrepreneur but is able to retire as well.

Brian DeMeulle

Bio Coming Soon


Living Your Dreams

Annual Benefit Concert

Every year, the Sounds of Service Band performs to support Resounding Joy’s military music therapy and wellness programs.  We hope you will join us at our next event!

Song Samples

The Sounds of Service Band is facilitated by our Board-Certified music therapists, who all have expertise in guitar, percussion, piano, and voice.  Members may participate in additional one-on-one sessions or join only for Band practice.  The Band is open to all members of the military community, including family members.

The Band is a great opportunity to develop original work under the guidance of professional music therapists, and give back to the community through music.  For our community partners, Sounds of Service Band performances bring authenticity, passion, mission, and meaning to festivals, fairs, and concerts.


  • $50 minimum donation per-performer, per-hour, goes directly to the musicians.

  • $250 flat fee for all equipment rental and staff.

  • Round trip mileage from Sorrento Valley per IRS standard apply per vehicle (1-3).

  • Optional: Permitting a fundraising appeal for this program, if appropriate to the event, is always appreciated.

“After sustaining in what some doctors are regarding as the highest level of severity of a Traumatic Brain Injury, I began working with Cory to achieve an aspiration in life and in recovery: to play piano. I have not only learned how to play the piano, not with only one hand but with both, while using the power of music to help regain all the muscles on my left side. As of earlier this year, I was found fit for continued Naval service. Resounding Joy’s services are led by music experts who want to share the joy and power of music with everyone. They also cater lessons to a client’s specific goals. They have changed my life in many positive aspects. I cannot thank you enough for the experiences and impact that you have played in my own recovery.”


We also enjoy connecting with our community through concerts, interactive events, and hosting booths at resource fairs.