Resounding Joy enhances the human experience through the therapeutic use of music.


Leadership Message

This past year, as people around the country know so well, has been a very difficult year for everyone. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives to COVID-19, millions lost their jobs, multitudes of small businesses and non-profits closed their doors for good or had major disruptions in business. Resounding Joy not only weathered the storm, but also came out stronger as an organization. Our staff and Board of Directors quickly pooled our resources and pivoted to provide our services online as much as possible.

Also, the Board of Directors sought additional funding from the government for a loan through the Payroll Protection Program, which helped us end the year with only a small financial loss. This is substantially less than many non-profit organizations. The loan has been forgiven and we are working on a new, similar loan that is forgiven if used for the appropriate purposes. We had a successful virtual campaign at the end of the year and we thank our supporters so much for their donations to our mission and services.

The Board of Directors has been making substantial changes to our documents (with the help of a great consultant), which will bring us in line with major non-profits and make us more transparent to our supporters.

Music therapist working on a computer
“I congratulate our board and our staff for their hard work to make us sustainable and ready to focus on 2021!”

Mychelle M. Mowry, DNP

Staff laid off or furloughed due to COVID-19.

Thanks to the support of flexible foundations, generous donors, the Paycheck Protection Program, and collaborative cost-cutting measures.

2020 Revenue

Centering Racial Equity
Standing Against Injustice

Resounding Joy is devastated by the violence perpetuated by systemic racism against Black Americans. We stand against racism and injustice, and acknowledge the trauma inflicted on people of color, such as the recent attacks on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

We have pledged to examine our own biases individually, in our work and in our organizational structure. We pledge to hold a safe space for BIPOC individuals and communities, listen with open hearts, and support however we can. We endeavor to make music therapy sessions a place that validates your voice and rejuvenates your strength. For the times we fall short, we apologize and always strive to do better.

We believe that music connects, uplifts, and heals. We are entrusted with the hearts and minds of our community, and have a responsibility to use this powerful tool for positive change for social good.

Black Lives Matter at Resounding Joy.

After music therapy he slept for 8 hours! He never sleeps for very long. That was amazing!


About Resounding Joy

Music therapy is often an inaccessible treatment, despite its many proven benefits. Insurance coverage – for those that have it – is spotty at best. Since its inception in 2004, Resounding Joy has metamorphosed into a nonprofit with a full staff of Board Certified music therapists, been featured in national publications, and continues to grow to meet the community’s needs.

People reached in 2020


  • MT-BC Music Therapist-Board Certified.
    Certification requires a bachelor’s degree or higher in music therapy, a 1,200-hour clinical internship, and passing a national board examination. Credentials must be maintained with continuing education.
  • Client Individual receiving services
    COVID-19 effect: 1/3rd as many individuals reached as 2019, due to elimination of public performances and many group sessions.
  • Contact A count of each time a client receives services
    COVID-19 effect: Only 18% reduction in quantity of services; number of music therapy services per person rose to support isolated families.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is a non-invasive treatment that specifically addresses non-musical goals, like reducing depression, improving quality of life, and developing motor skills.


Supportive Music

Supportive music is an interactive music experience with non-clinical goals, such as peer engagement and creative expression. Participating caregivers/family members are included here.


Recreational Music

Recreational music opportunities offer music listening, such as performances or suggested playlists.


Most of Resounding Joy’s clients will feel the effects of their diagnoses throughout their lives, whether it is depression, PTSD, a brain injury, Down’s Syndrome, congenital heart disease, or a rare disease. The team of music therapists strive to transform the health of San Diego County by using music as a therapeutic medium to effectively address physical, emotional, social, and cognitive goals. Music’s unique ability to navigate damaged areas of the brain and transcend verbal communication makes it a powerful tool in the hands of a qualified professional.

Meet our Team

Barbara Reuer, PhD, MT-BC

Music Therapists (MT-BC)

  • Lindsay Zehren Director of Special Projects

  • Rachel Gant Director of Healing Notes: Hospital
  • Cory Woodrow Director of Semper Sound

  • Annela Flores Staff Music Therapist

  • Allison Nocita Healing Notes Music Therapist
  • Brian Locascio Healing Notes Music Therapist

Board of Directors

Resounding Joy’s volunteer Board of Directors provide leadership and guidance for the nonprofit. We would like to recognize their service with a special thank you.

  • Mychelle M. Mowry Chair
  • Pat Molnar Vice Chair
  • Diane Beckman Secretary

  • Monty A. McIntyre, Esq. Treasurer

  • Kevin Maddox
  • Patrick Panlasigui
  • Cathy Wagner
  • Rick Waltman
  • James Wright
Resounding Joy staff posing with instruments against a beach backdrop


  • Jamie Rosenfeld Office Manager

  • Christina Danley Network Coordinator

Semper Sound
Military Music Therapy Program

“I struggle to do what makes me happy, but playing with that song makes me feel pure joy and makes me want to live.”

– Participant, 2/12/20

Pre vs post-session, average client-reported improvement/decrease in:

21% Pain
39% Depression
37% Anxiety
59% Anger

Semper Sound provided individual and group music therapy to service members and veterans, through both virtual telehealth sessions and in-person (as appropriate) at Naval Medical Center San Diego, the VA Aspire Center, and the San Diego VA Medical Center in La Jolla.

  • 234 Clients
  • 1,150 Contacts

Adaptations & New Programming


Healing Notes Changes
Support by The Music Man Foundation

Healing Notes switched to an all-virtual format. Shine & Sing found a national audience through a partnership with GiGi’s Playhouse and also expanded to serve an orphanage in Mexico. Also, the team has changed its terminology to ‘medically resilient’ over ‘medically fragile’ to reflect the remarkable endurance of these children.


Semper Sound Reimagined
Support by the California Arts Council

With the temporary restrictions on gatherings, Resounding Joy has switched from a collaborative Semper Sound Band to small group sessions specializing in songwriting, ukulele, freestyle jams, and drum circle-inspired wellness, available virtually to all service members and veterans.


Joyful Jingle
Nationwide Project

The team has designed and launched Joyful Jingle over the holiday season. This affordable program addresses social health & uses music therapy techniques that target enhanced brain health for isolated seniors.


Online Fundraising
Supporters like you!

Resounding Joy switched its 9th Annual Heart of a Child Benefit Concert online and, thanks to the support of the community, met its goal to continue to provide music therapy for hospitalized children. The Now More Than Ever campaign this winter also saw great success with almost $60,000 raised!


Shine & Sing: Ukulele
Funded by The Music Man Foundation

Resounding Joy expanded its Healing Notes program to serve parents of medically resilient children. Caregivers from across San Diego County learned ukulele for stress relief and developed tools to enrich their child’s life.

“Because of the stress, I pulled my ukulele out more this week. I used it on Zoom breaks with my son, and he even sang with me.” – Parent

Ariana Miller Healing Notes
Pediatric Music Therapy Program

The Ariana Miller Healing Notes Program offers sliding-scale or free music therapy to medically resilient children and their families. Music therapists provide bedside visits to hospitalized children, group music therapy sessions at partner nonprofits, and in-home sessions for those in need.

“Thank you, this was the most amazing. Thank you for giving us a few moments of escaping this place and just being ourselves as a family. That means the world.”


After music therapy he slept for 8 hours! He never sleeps for very long. That was amazing!


Hospital Services
174 Clients | 1,290 Contacts

Clients Reached

Quantity of Services

Music therapists served children and their families in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unity (CVICU), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), hematology/oncology, and neurology units at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego.  At the onset of COVID, on-site music therapist access was eliminated, but with the support of an incredible team of nurses, child-life specialists, and other hospital support staff, our music therapist continued to support children through telehealth.

Audio telehealth services not included in services at right due to challenges collecting data.

“You always make sure each patient is calm and that line removals are fast and easy for patients. It makes a world of a difference.”

-Nurse Practitioner

Thanks to all our Heart of a Child Concert donors, event chair Jeff Miller, and the Heart of a Child event committee for making this program possible by raising $68,000 last year!

HomeCare Services
64 Clients | 974 Contacts

  • “Lindsay (music therapist) has gotten us through very very very scary and sad times. And we are stronger and forever thankful for this.”

  • “During this pandemic so much has been ripped away from my child. Ukulele lessons is one thing he looks forward to every week.”

  • “I feel like Lindsay knows [my daughter] and is wholly committed to seeing her thrive. I say this with tears in my eyes. There aren’t a lot of therapists/ doctors in [my daughter]’s life who seem as dedicated to seeing her continue to progress and find benefit from this wonderful therapy.”

  • “My children look forward to this every week. It is an exciting time. Also even more so now with COVID and everything being closed. We have had this consistently and stability through these different times.”

  • “We have created memories of our son we will forever cherish and remember as a family. We have been creating videos and music to record of our son that we love making and watching. This is something we couldn’t have done one our own.”


Music therapists provided “legacy projects” to five families with children with a terminal diagnosis.

Skills Development: Parent Survey
% that responded ‘Strongly Agree’ or ‘Agree’ that music therapy helped goals
Physical / Motor Movement 81%
Vocal / Speech 80%
Emotional Expression 96%
Coping Skills 96%
Family Bonding 73%
Quality of Life (Child's) 96%
Quality of Life (Parent's) 100%
Would recommend program 100%

Shine & Sing Group Music Therapy
510 Clients | 4,079 Contacts

With the support of organizations like the Music Man Foundation, we offered these interactive sessions for young children at GiGi’s Playhouse, Epilepsy Foundation, Alcott Elementary, Momentum Tutoring, Spina Bifida San Diego, and in small groups hosted in homes.

  • “We absolutely LOVE our Shine and Sing teachers and friends! Keep up the GREAT work!”

“You guys are great! We are very thankful!”

“I love how my son gets excited with this therapy.”

“Being a teacher at Alcott and having the ability to participate has been so wonderful for me and my family. My children really enjoy music class and ask daily if there is class today! Thank you so much for providing this class for everyone to enjoy and learn from!”

“Even though my daughter is on the young side (1-year old) and not able to participate in the entire program, it has still been valuable for her to be exposed to the music, stories, and sounds. Because my daughter has a trach and will be delayed in speaking, particular exercises to make sounds is especially helpful. We are thankful that everyone on the program is so cheerful!”

“Have always loved this class. Love the new songs to integrate current happenings and making it fun.”

“I really like the choice of songs, having repetition and some new songs is great.”

“We love music therapy! Great work by everyone involved and we are so thankful you guys continue to provide these sessions during the pandemic. It has provided us structure and stability in these difficult times.”

“I love all the regular instructors. They’ve become familiar faces in our family.”

“Shine and Sing has been great with getting grandma involved , creating a daily schedule, an opportunity to see other children that are similar.”


Participation in Shine & Sing increased my child’s overall health and well-being.

Participation in Shine & Sing-Along increased MY overall health and well-being.

Participation in Shine & Sing-Along helped my family to bond.

Overall, I feel that participation in Shine & Sing-Along has helped my child work towards their goals.

I would recommend Shine & Sing-Along to other families.

I use songs and activities from Shine & Sing-Along with my child outside of class times.

Meet Our Donors


The Music Man Foundation

Clare Rose Foundation & the Fieldstone Leadership Network San Diego

The Horst Family Foundation

Jeff and Anita Miller

Ami Belli MD/CEO Remo, Inc

  • Jerri-Ann and Gary Jacobs
  • Maurice J. Masserini Charitable Trust
  • Nordson Corporation Foundation

  • Cathy Wagner
  • Samuel H. French & Katherine Weaver French Fund
  • Diane and Dick Beckman
  • Calvary Lutheran Church Mission Endowment Fund
  • Audrey Pine
  • Jean Lafond and Mychelle Mowry
  • Audrey McDowell
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CECO logo
Medronic logo
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  • The County of San Diego
  • Rick and Ann Hein
  • John Lamberti
  • LeRoy and Rhoda Loseke
  • Steven and Mary Malicki
  • Monty & Mary Beth McIntyre
  • Jesus Monzon
  • Joe Noonan
  • The Arthur and Jeanette Pratt Memorial Fund
  • Charlie Portman
  • San Diego Imaging
  • Tom and Judith Tullie
  • Rick Waltman
  • Karin Winner
  • Gregory Block
  • Terry and Jan Bluemer
  • Peggy Duly
  • Kathleen Flores-Dahms
  • Judith Grant
  • E. Guttenbergel
  • Joe Dowling and Cynthia Hanson
  • Raymond and Kate Hong
  • Keri Leblanc
  • Jim and Meredithe Mainquist
  • Amir and Roshanak Mojaver
  • Gary and Patricia Molnar
  • Carl Murphy
  • Suzanne Neeb
  • Patrick Panlasigui
  • Mathias and Jutta Schmidt
  • Michele Semin
  • Nick & Lisa Nocita
  • Margot Walk
  • James Wright
  • Michel & Barbara Zelnick

Mark Branning
Ron and Marie Durie
Steven and Amy Epner
Kenneth Fitzgerald
Kerrie Foss
Amoreth Gozo
Darlene Hare
Rob Jacobs and Darlene Katz
Debra Jorgensen
Forsyth Leonard Fund at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation
Abigail Lower
Donald and Lois Lutz
Delaney Miller
Jonathan Molnar
Robert and Kathy Motschall
Virginia Nelson
Noelle Pederson
Jack and Lori Pivo
Leslie Robb
Royer Corporation
Dan and Jamie Rosenfeld
Sheri and Steven Spector
Rich and Sharon Sylvester
Ed & Kathy Thomas
Woody and Veronica Woodrow