What We Do

Through the power of music Resounding Joy reduces pain, increases joy and improves the lives of people of all ages. Our music therapists are highly-trained professionals, who after graduating with an approved degree in music therapy, complete a 1,200-hour internship and complete a challenging national board certification test. Musical skills are necessary in a variety of instruments to accommodate various evidence-based interventions, as is a comprehensive knowledge of biology, psychology, and neurology to ensure the experience is effectively therapeutic.

Our powerful and cost-effective music therapy services are offered through four main programs—Healing Notes, Semper Sound, Sound Minds, and Mindful Music —which benefit low-income and underserved communities. Other programs are created as requested by community members. Every session begins with an assessment, and then the therapist works with the client to determine which goals to focus on throughout treatment.

Who We Help

We serve people of all diagnoses and age ranges, from newborns in neo-natal intensive care to 106-year-olds! Our broad services are provided to support veterans, teen parents bonding with their babies, older adults, and hospitalized children and their families.

Healing Notes

Music Therapy to Support Children in Medical Care

Photo of a hospitalized infant responding favorably to Healing Notes music therapy.

Semper Sound

Music Therapy to Assist Military Rehabilitation

Photo of a large group of US Marines engaged in a Semper Sound drum circle at Camp Pendleton, California.

Sound Minds

Music Therapy to Facilitate Preschool Development

Photo of two toddlers playing musical instruments in a Sound Minds music therapy session.

Mindful Music

Recreational Music to
Empower Seniors

Photo of a Junior Joy Giver and an older adult during a Mindful Music visit.

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